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The Fashionable Housewife Raves About the Azalea Wedge Sandals!

Soft Comfort Azalea Sandals Featured on The Fashionable Housewife Website

One of  our best-selling summer sandals, the Azalea wedge slingbacks, were recently showcased on the popular The Fashionable Housewife website. Sarah Jean Ballard, who operates the site, showed off the sandal's wide spread appeal by giving pair to her 14 year old daughter. They look amazing on her!

Take a look at how well these shoes pair with a little summer romper. Sarah Jean says it best: "You seriously couldn’t ask for anything more. They are in fact, the perfect sandals." We totally agree!

Today’s Outfit: Soft Comfort Azalea Wedge Slingbacks




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Another addition of Today’s Outfit featuring my 14 year old daughter who is now wearing my clothes AND my shoes. (Seriously, guys, this romper she’s wearing is mine – Exhibit A)

While I do enjoy being able to share clothes and shoes with her now, it makes me feel OLD, you guys! How am I old enough to have a teenager? How is she big enough to share clothes with me?! What is this?!

While everyone else is running around talking about Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I’m over here sipping my Margaritas in my sandals. We are definitely NOT ready for summer to be over yet!

This is one pair of sandals we are not going to be putting away any time soon. The Azalea from Soft Comfort is probably one of my favorite pairs of sandals from Soft Comfort so far. My daughter is in love with them too, as you can see!