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Soft Comfort Boots a Hit with Style Bloggers

Soft Comfort Boots a Hit with Style Bloggers
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The fall season is upon us and, once again, it’s time to wear our favorite accessory —  boots!  No surprise, but our Soft Comfort boots collection is a huge hit with fashion bloggers. Take a look at a few blog excerpts from two of our favorite  fashionistas:

Fashion should be fun

“Crazy about this fall outfit … a plaid dress from Karina Dresses and cute zippered booties from Soft Comfort.” 

Dawn Lucie Wears Soft Comfort Boots Heartbreaker

Dawn Lucie Wears Soft Comfort Boots Heartbreaker

“These Heartbreaker Booties from Soft Comfort are so fun with the gold double zippers. They’re super comfortable too, of course. Available now on Amazon or you can order them through the Camtrade site.  Also check out more fabulous Soft Comfort shoes and boots on Amazon!”

dawn wearing soft comfort heartbreakers

dude mom

“Fall is here. It still feels an awful lot like summer and I am so not complaining, but let me be the first to say that I am not in full fall style mode.”

amanda dude mom in soft comfort heartbreakers

“Annnnnd, now that fall is moving in, it can easily be paired with a denim jacket and my newest pair of Soft Comfort platform booties from Camtrade. Just a cute jacket and some closed toe shoes for warmth and voila…

And I almost always start my season changes from the bottom up –shoes first, clothing later. I say start with cute shoes, always cute shoes!”


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