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Nakaya  Boots Highly Endorsed by The Simple Moms

Nakaya Boots Highly Endorsed by The Simple Moms

The new Nakaya boots from Soft Comfort are one of the most popular styles for Winter 2021.Warm, cozy, stylish and so incredibly comfortable. We have been receiving so many favorable comments!  For example, take a look at what Jamie, from the widely read, The Simple Moms blog, loves about these boots She even wore them on her birthday!




HEY HEY, it’s my birthday!!  YAY, even though I’m now 43, I couldn’t be more excited. I honestly don’t feel 43, so that’s the best part. Even though, I got a reality check last week and was told that I need a total hip replacement. That’s a whole ‘nother blog post in of itself. But, I’m just so excited for the holidays and looking for more happy and cheerful times to come.

Looking back, when I was younger, I always thought women in their 40s were old. BUT guess what, they are not, let’s stop that. I feel better now then I did in my 20s.  It’s amazing what your mind does!

And at 43, I am not getting into fashion more and being able to expand my wardrobe. Because these outfits I’m sharing with you today are something I never in a million years would have thought about wearing. The style and fit of the coat, jeans and boots would have never looked and felt this amazing in my 30s.

Let’s stop a second and chat about how amazing these boots are. Because in my 30s, I wouldn’t have been able to wear these because my calves and ankles were too big for them to even zip. I’ll tell you when I got these boots from Soft Comfort, I happily zipped these fabulous boots up with a big smile on my face because there was even extra room in there.

These boots are so fabulous and comfortable. They keep my feet warm and are so versatile. I love the added design on the back.  These made for a great birthday gift to myself!! Dress them up or dress them down. They go with so much!  These will definitely be my go to boots through out the winter.

I’m loving life and so happy to be able to share my journey with you all. Being able to share products that make me happy is what it’s all about. And these boots make me happy!

If you are a boots and shoes lover, you definitely need something from Soft Comfort to make you smile.