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How I’ll wear a simple pair of brown boots this fall

How I’ll wear a simple pair of brown boots this fall

Boots and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly. I mean, come on now. When I see the leaves start to scatter across the ground, I immediately think of the dropping temperatures and the lovely fall fashion, layered looks. It’s one of my favorite times of the year!

Over the summer I learned about the Soft Comfort brand. This fall, I was fortunate enough to be able to try on some of their boots first hand. Of all the choices I was given (you can see more on Amazon), I chose the Heartbreaker boot. I chose these out of necessity, as that’s how I typically choose many of my shoes. I look at my closet and find the gap in what I need. Then, I fill it! Thankfully, I was able to fill it with a great pair of boots this time around!!

 simple moms soft comfort

heartbreaker boots from soft comfort // polka dot chambray top from kohl’s // vest and jeans from gina’s boutique // wood watchfrom jord

The boots in today’s post have something cool and unique about them, the zipper detailing. That’s what caught me when I first saw them. I love the added dimension that the zipper gives the boots. It’s a bit of a modern twist, if you will. Plus, I think it adds a little touch of class in comparison to a plain boot.

 soft comfort booties

Not only do they have the cool detailing, I like the slimming look of the silhouette of the boot. These will be worn a lot with my skinny jeans, in addition to my dress options this fall. I love booties with a fall dress! Stay tuned to Instagram to see this look in the coming weeks, I’m sure of it!

 heatbreaker boots

Let’s talk comfort. I have worn these ahandful of times, because i wanted to be able to share with you, truly, how they fit and feel. I ordered a 10, and I’m typically between a 9.5 and 10. I think the fit is spot on. A 9 would have definitely been too small. So sizing, true! Comfort…very. Ha! With a memory foam shoe bed, you can truly go all day without your feel hurting due to stiffness in the shoe. This is the case with these boots as well. The top of the shoe is great as well because it doesn’t rub your calf.I’m sure there is some sort of technology behind this answer, but I don’t have that. All I know I speak from personal experience.

So yah, a definite good find!

What do you think, do you NEED these Heartbreaker boots in your closet this fall? Talk to me!

Shannon The Simple Moms