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Fashion Should be Fun Raves about Soft Comfort's New Hilltop Sandals!

Fashion Should be Fun Raves about Soft Comfort's New Hilltop Sandals!

Dawn Lucy, editor of the popular Fashion Should Be Fun blog, recently posted a review of Soft Comfort's new Hilltop sandals. Take a look at what she has to say. We love the way these vibrant red perforated slides look on her. Plus, her adorable dog is the perfect fashion accessory!

Cute & Comfy Sandals – Soft Comfort & Secret Celebrity

March 28, 2019

Comfortable sandals are a must-have for spring and summer, and I got to try out the newest arrivals from Soft Comfort and Secret Celebrity, sister brands who are all about affordable style and comfort! As a busy teacher, it’s so nice when shoes are comfortable enough to wear for a day of teaching on my feet, followed by a nice long walk for a couple of rowdy dogs.



Soft Comfort’s Hilltop

Soft Comfort’s Hilltop is the perfect easy slide. The perforated faux leather upper keeps your feet cool, while the wood-look rubber sole is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Add in memory foam and yes, it’s definitely comfortable enough for a day of teaching … and a nice dog walk! Available in red, black and white, I couldn’t help but choose the red. My ladies know I have a thing for red shoes!



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