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Blazers and Bellinis

Blazers and Bellinis

New York City based fashion fanatic. It's the simple things in life that make happy… handbags, jewelry and a good bellini. I'm a certified daydreamer, risk taker and accessory aficionado.
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Amanda - Dude Mom

Dude Mom

Amanda recently changed her spirit animal from the unicorn to Pegasus; wings are cooler than horns. She enjoys cute shoes, oversized bags, and being the princess of her boy filled house. Also cupcakes; every day is a cupcake day. When she isn't buying all of the cute things or parenting like a boss, you can find her in front of her computer creating joy via her blog,
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Dawn Lucy - Fashion Should be Fun

Fashion Should Be Fun

I’m Dawn Lucy, a 50 year old style blogger and high school English teacher, wife & pet mom, in San Jose, California. This is a site for us women over 40 who are still vital, relevant, and creative. These are our years to shine, Ladies! Let's show the world you're never to old to have fun and be fierce!
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Julie Bonner Mom Fabulous

Mom Fabulous

Julie Bonner lives in Austin, TX with her husband and three kids. She owns the blog Mom Fabulous where she shares everyday solutions for the busy mom - from beauty and fashion tips, to travel and wellness. When she's not working, you'll either find her in the kitchen whipping up new recipes or on the couch curled up with a book.
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Melinda Dunn - My So Called Balanced Life

My So Called Balanced Life

Melinda Dunne is the author and owner of the blog My So Called Balanced Life. She enjoys sharing her favorite products and experiences with her audience. Her passions include fashion, photography, music and nature.
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the fashionable housewife

The Fashionable Housewife

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The Simple Moms

The Simple Moms

Shannon is a wordy, type-A, OCD momma to FOUR little ladies and wife to her perfect match of 14 years now. She will run for fun, emotional stability, wine and more importantly {chocolate}. shoes, bags, baubles, traveling and babies are her vice. Shannon loves anything fashion and is loving every second of having 4 little fashionistas in training.
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